Wink frozen desserts – guilt free icecream for everyone!


Wink frozen desserts – guilt free icecream for everyone!

Maybe you’ve read about my love for desserts in previous posts but this one is different.
I came across this amazing company with a mindblowing product the other day.
Imagine a guilt free icecream with zero sugar, only 100 calories per pint and almost completely allergen free.
The Wink frozen dessert ice cream is a pure vegan and dairy free product free from gluten, dairy, lactose, eggs and nuts. And it is GMO free too!

The icecream is made of a Pea protein base, Tapioca flour (which is a cassava root product), organic agave inulin, Stevia and more. All plant based.
You might know that I am very concious about what I eat. Especially when it comes to preservatives and GMO. But for me it is also important that the products and ingredients comes from guilt free farming. Like Palm oil.
After a year plus in Asia I have seen first hand how the Palm oil plantations takes control over whole areas leaving nothing for the natural habitat, leaving animal homeless. Some plantations take this in consideration, some don’t which makes it hard to choose sometimes.
Wink uses Palm oil in thier ice cream and I was a bit sceptical about that. That would be the one thing, for me, that would keep me from buying the product.
But as I kept reading about their products I realized that they are CSA approved. Which basically means that the produce that they use comes from organic or biodynamic farming methods.
So that made me feel more relieved that the palm oil they use are actually guilt free too. Read more about the CSA here.

For me, as you might know, this Ketogenic diet thing was at first a struggle and I wanted to find substitutes for my beloved chocolate, icecream and desserts everywhere. It became a mission. I did manage to find some Stevia chocolate in Sweden but I have never found a completely guilt free icecream. Until now.
If you are a hardcore Keto follower you might say that the Pea protein comes from peas which contains sugar. But the Pea protein is actually milled from dehydrated peas which makes the sugar dissolve leaving a pure protein powder.
One pint of Wink icecream contains only 4 Carbohydrates, 1 g dietary fiber and 2 grams of protein.

And the packaging makes it hard to resist too. Cake batter, Iced Latte and Cinnamon bun are just some of the mouthwatering flavors available.

wink, GMO free, dessert

At this point they are only available in the U.S and they ship nationally. I would love to see them in Europe and Scandinavia. The market for healthy alternatives and GMO free food is booming here. Organic food is considered a must for the concious consumer.
I will jump of joy if they would decide to come to my country or ship internationally.

I would eat iccream all day long!
Do you live in the U.S? Lucky you! here is where you find Wink frozen desserts.


wink, icecream, dessert, GMO free

wink, icecream, dessert, GMO free

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