Why so angry Angerfood?


Why so angry Angerfood?

A lot of people have asked me recently why Angerfood.com. Why the name?

Are you angry? is it food for when you are angry? is it an anger management blog?

Well, none of the above actually.
The name came to me when I was working at my past employer IKEA. My email address had my initials which were pronounced “anger”. And I am everything but angry. As a matter of fact I am known for being the happy one at the office always smiling.
“How’s it hanging Anger?!” or “Hey anger no anger today?!” was the usual greeting I got at work and it became a fun thing at the office.

But sure, food can be used for anger management too. I do it all the time. Both on me and my partner. If I start to feel irritated or annoyed it is usually due to hunger. So eating (eat well and healthy) can actually treat your inner anger.
This is what a website called Naturalnews.com says about food that can prevent anger and stress:

“For example, kiwis have a high vitamin C content, an antioxidant known to fight stress, as do leafy greens. Leafy greens also contain magnesium, a nutrient responsible for relaxing muscles and reducing anxiety. 
Coconut milk is also a good food source that helps lower stress levels and regulate blood sugar levels. In fact, one study found that spouses who consumed this milk and had lowered glucose levels as a result were less likely to lash out at their significant other.
Other foods that help reduce stress and therefore control anger include turkey, almonds, sweet potatoes, dark chocolate and blueberries.”

Ok, so I do like all the ingredients they listed so I will have no problem keeping any stress or anger at bay if I would need it.


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