What is a Ketogenic Diet?

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What is a Ketogenic Diet?

I use to be one of those non believers when it came to diets. LCHF, Paleo and all of those diets that has become popular recently never really spoke to me. Why not just working out? Was my usual way of thinking.

After traveling in Asia for a year and eating healthy food, lots of nutrition and fruit, I came to a western country and the world of processed foods and sugar was not an option, but a natural state of eating.

I started to feel sick all the time and it wouldn’t get any better. Later I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. Just a few months ago.
My doctor handed me a leaflet with general information about epilepsy. In it there was a sentence that later became a project. “Ketogenic Diet is often used to treat children with epilepsy”, it said.
And after watching some clips on YouTube I was conquered by the world of diets and went Ketogenic.

So that brings us to the topic.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

Let me put it out there. I am in no way a Ketogenic diet expert or a dietitian. But a have done my fair share of research before getting into the world of Ketogenic. As I recommend anyone to do if you are considering going Ketogenic.

The basics

The Ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carb diet which means that you should have a food intake of 75% fat, 25% Protein and 5% carbs per day.
When your body reaches the state of Ketosis ( when your body uses Ketones instead of glucose as fuel), which is the Ketogenic goal, you have taught your brain to use fat as fuel instead of sugar. Because if you have a consumption of sugar, your body will burn the sugar and store the fat you’ve eaten.

Like LCHF, right?

No. And here is why.

The Ketogenic Diet is all about getting our brain converted to a fat burning machine instead of a sugar wheel. In LCHF, many cut out the wheats like bread pasta and any starch like potatoes. And of course no sugar. So that you can eat a salad with a steak.

On the Ketogenic diet you need to think beyond that. The bacon you’re eating with that salad has added sugar. And can be infused with antibiotics. So you need grass fed meat without added sugar. And are the protein levels in that meal right for you?

As crazy as that sounds, the sugar levels and toxins will keep your body from being healthy.
Many confuse the Keto diet with Atkins diet. Yes it is similar. Still a low carb diet but the protein intake is higher. More like a high protein diet.

If you consume too much protein your body might convert that to glucose in your body. And that means you’re back to square one.
On the Ketogenic diet you need to watch your protein and carbs.

Ketogenic is a more controlled diet and a way of life.

If you look a a nutrition label on one of your packages in the fridge. You have Carbohydrates and then Fiber and then sugar. If you distract the sugar and the fiber from the Carbohydrates you’ll have something called Net carbs and is something that is used to measure how much Carbohydrates you should eat in one day. Usually 15-20 is regular depending on your health and fitness level.

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A full circle process

To become Ketogenic or get into “Ketosis” you need to be sure that this is what you want. Because it is not all about eating right. There are toxins in your body and other things you eat or drink that can hurt your Ketosis. It is all about cleansing your body from toxins and harmful materials and staying clean.

Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

My main reason for doing this life change is to get rid of my epilepsy. It is a state of the brain that actually can be cured as the connections in the brain sometimes disconnect. If I can call it that. It has been used for treating epilepsy since early 1920s and became big in the beginning of 1990s.

But the Keto diet has also proven to help in many other areas.

As your body cleanse from toxins there is no sick cells or areas of your body that will be weak or a big target. Cancer patients, diabetics, and people with high blood pressure are just some of the examples that has been treated effectively with this diet. My boyfriend used to have high sugar levels in his body which caused him swinging up and down in mood. Going from happy to depressed in a matter of seconds. After only a week on the Ketogenic diet that has gone away completely.

Your mind will be more clear and your energy level rises as your brain and body don’t have to work as hard to burn the sugar AND fat. But only the fat and what you eat.
As I started the Keto Diet I started to feel more positive in general and more relaxed, which many experience on this diet.

The weight loss is a big bonus. In the beginning your body will loose a lot of body fluids that are stored in your body and then your body will start burning the excess fat. When you eat healthy and no sugar is burned in your body, your body will eventually start using fat as fuel and you loose weight effectively and on a long term basis.

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The don’t list

I like to start with the don’t instead of do because I feel that you should know what to expect if you are considering the Keto diet.

Sugar– no sugar. Not even then tiniest piece of candy will work. Or sugar in food. Check the labels on your groceries. How much sugar do you have in them? Exactly my point. A lot! And you probably didn’t know about it either. Neither did I.

Coffee and tea – coffee makes your body reject some of the nutrition that comes into your body and will slower your process. Some teas might have fungus or molds in them or micro parasites. Even the big tea brands.

Alcohol – alcohol is a toxin and should in no way be a part of your new lifestyle. Not even a glass of wine.

Non  grass fed Meat – meat is allowed and is a good source of protein. But be aware of  what you buy at the store. Your body needs all the nutrition it can get. Choose grass fed meat that also is free from antibiotics or steroids. And of course without the added sugar. You aremtrying to cleanse not infuse with bad things. Some stores have a special shelf for that nor you can ask them and they might know where to get it. Food halls or butchers are usually a good source for meat.

Fruit – I know it sounds silly because we’ve all been told that fruit is good for you. But fruit contains a lot of sugars. One cup of Grapes is equal to 23 grams of sugar. So keep them out. Your body will not like the sugar on the Keto diet anyways.

Milk products – again, milk comes from cows, cows are treated with antibiotics to produce more milk. They become sick and infected. That infected mik is then processed so that most nutrients are gone. And we are left with a white liquid called milk. Would you want to drink that. I don’t. If you find milk products from grass fed cows without antibiotics then you might coaume small amounts. But don’t overdue it.

High sugar vegetables – carrots, bell pepper, peas for example

Nuts– some nuts can contain pesticides and will give your body a hard time processing. They can also take away vitamins and minerals in your system.

Wheat – Bread and pasta

Potatoes – starch is not good for your body and should be avoided.

Rice – rice has high amounts of starch and will not come of even of you rinse them. They still contain starch.

So these are the basic things you should avoid on the Ketogenic diet.


The Do list. What you need

A good night sleep – your body recovers and rebuilds itself when you are sleeping. You also create growth hormones. Sleep is essential. So no eating before bedtime and make sure you get enough hours of sleep.

Hydration – it is important to drink a lot of water as your body will need it to digest better and also to flush out all the toxins that is laying around in your body.

Fat – no matter what people say. Fat is good for you. If you eat good fats like coconut oil, olive oil, grass fed butter and fatty grass fed meat is will improve your health.

Leafy greens – baby spinach, lettuce and such are part of the leafy green happy family. The contain carbs but you can eat a full plate of them and still not being near your maximum level of carbs if you eat like 15 carbs a day.

Sodium – you should add up your sodium intake as salt contains minerals that your body needs. Make sure there are no additives or fill out material in the salt.

Eggs -eat eggs. They are a good source of fat and protein. Add some salt for double effect.

Potassium and magnesium – avocado contains good amounts of potassium. Eat moderate amounts though.


To sum it up

So now you have an insight of what a Ketogenic diet is. Cleansing and staying free while eating good foods without doing harm to your body. Your energy level will rise and you will probably get a more positive way of looking at life in general.
What food are you eating from the don’t list tody? imagine what you are putting into your body, without leaving your body a choice. And there are so many that do this on a regurlar basis. I was one of them. But anyone can take control of the situation and decide what matters to you.

I hope that this has been helpful to you. Remember, fat is good.

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