What I miss about food

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What I miss about food

Somedays I actually miss eating “regular” food being on the Ketogenic diet. And I could love to have a fatty burger after eating leafy greens breakfast, lunch, dinner.
But then I realize that that is only in my ind. I know that the sugar is bad for me and half the producers out there use GMO in the food. But my brain sais I want it. It is a fight against will and willpower.
And patience. Like I told you about in a previous vlog i am embracing the process of going Ketogenic more and more and having more patience each day.
As the rain is pouring down outside I am reflecting on my travels I made in Asia. All the fruit, the noodles, the fried vegetables and all that typical food I used to get tired of there. Not fruit.
Fried noodles and vegetables were a daily dose that was easy accessible and I ate it all the time. Most of the time the meat (especially in Cambodia)would hang out and look bad. I am sure it was grassfed though, but hanging in the scoarching heat for a few days, raw, would not tempt me even the slightest.
I remember us being in the middle of  no where in the Cambodean rainforest having nothing to at but carrots, noodles and Oreos. For a few months. I got sick from eating nothing at all and the immune system went all crazy on me.
Wow, those were the days! waking up having a carrot, eating a pack of noodles for lunch and if you were lucky the neighbor who sold groceries at the small local market had bread or tomatoes.
My boyfriend managed to start a fire in the middle of the jungle once and we had the most luxurious meal we have had in the jungle so far. Fried noodles and vegetables.

So I guess it doesn’t really matter where you are. It is in the human nature to never be content, I guess. And maybe that’s why we get tired of what we have. Instead of embracing it.
Sure I would love to have  a Cheeseburger or a Dahl.
But sitting looking at the rain makes me think. I had far more worse food crisis than I think I have now. Having bacon, egg, cucumber and a dash of tuna isn’t really bad. Even though I miss food I am really lucky to have what I have.

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