Trendy Picnic gadgets for summer 2015

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Trendy Picnic gadgets for summer 2015

We all love to sit out on the grass in the summer. Enjoying the sun, some good company and last but not least. Food.
It can be a hassle sometimes though. Sure, you’ve found the perfect spot but you have some trouble coordination your food and gadgets so that they don’t take up to much space at your picnic.
If you don’t travel by car you might want as small cutlery and gadgets as possible. If you do travel by car, you still wouldn’t want your picnic set up to fill up the whole car.

So I have listed some trendy picnic gadgets that might make the summer of 2015 and the picnic season somewhat more easier for you.

The MatadorUp pocket blanket

Even if you are out on a picnic, a backpacker stopping for lunch in the middle of nowhere or just out and about. This MatadorUp pocket blanket might be your perfect companion. Fits your pocket perfectly.

MatadorUp, blanket, bicnic, trends 2015

Stack N Go portable wine glasses

Want wine on your picnic? wine glasses can break easily and even though there are plastic ones on the market, they still take up a lot of space in your picnic basket.
Check out these. They are stackable and so much more fun.

stackable glasses, wine, picnic, trendy

The fold flat grill

A one use grill in all honour. But what about a grill that you can carry with you and reuse that doesn’t take up any space?
I found this one on Pinterest

grill, picnic, trendy, trendy gadgets, summer 2015

Compostable wooden plates

If you like a more upscaled picnic and don’t want to use the regular white paper plates. Use these from Amazing looking and they are compostable!

food52, compostable, picnic gadgets, summer 2015


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