The Swedish Falukorv – some fun facts

The Swedish Falukorv – some fun facts

Swedish food is very popular. And some things are more close to our Swedish hearts than others. Like the “Falukorv“. A sausage that is known for its bright red colour and pink meat. A sausage that always is stacked up in the supermarkets and beloved by so many.
But few really know whee it comes from.

So here are some saucy facts:

It is said that he Falukorv once were created from a sausage named Lyoner which was first introduced by Germans working in the mines around Falun around the 16th and 17th century. The sausage was then later developed again and brought back after a 100 year old “rest” by  the butcher Anders Olsson in the late 19th century.
The sausage is prepared with minced mixture of pork and beef or veal together with spices and cooked. The skin with its characteristic red colour comes from the colour “Falu red” which is a typical colour for houses also produced in this area.

Today the European Union has established some ground rules for our beloved sausage. The binding agent has to potato flour. And the meat content can be no less than 40 percent. Which is still quite low if you ask me,

The sausage finally got a its name protected as late as 1973 and has made it to almost every household since.

The Falukorv is a cooked sausage so it doesn’t really need any preparation. But a traditional wayof eating it is either to bake it in the oven whole with cheese or to slice it and frie it in a pan with butter. Serve it with Macaroni and there you have a classic Swedish dish.
Personally I love Falukorv!

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