The No Poo method – and why you should never poo again

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The No Poo method – and why you should never poo again

Many people think that poo-ing is the ultimate way of keeping your daily routine and keeping a healthy appearance. But The No Poo method is growing and you are about to find out why you should never Poo again.

Maybe you already know that I am a fan of a non chemical lifestyle. As much as possible. I am not a non chemical activist but I do like to choose the chemical free options and make home remedies when I can. Both when it comes to food, ingredients and beauty products.
I like to use dry shampoo, but most brands contains a lot (A LOT) of chemicals and fillers that can damage your hair. So I did some research.
That’s when I came across the “No Poo method

Oh yeah, did I mention that the part of me saying “you should never Poo again” I didn’t actually mean never use the toilet ever again. That would just be wierd and you would walk around bloated. Not flattering.

The No Poo method actually just refers to Not Shampooing. And has become a term for using clean products and going chemical free. More or less.

So why should you never use schampoo again?

Most of us have been told that you should wash, lather, rinse and repeat. And the shampoo brands are making a fortune out of it. Not to mention stuffing the bottles full of ingredients that can be direct harmful to your scalp and remove your natural sebum (oils) from the scalp. And the bottles and containers themselves contains pollutants and harmful chemicals.

What do you get if your Sebum is lost then. Well, you get a dry scalp. What would you normally do?

Probably change the schampoo to an anti dandruff schampoo or a schampoo for dry har. Which actually makes no sense.
Studies proves that schampooing less actually prevents dandruff since you are moisturizing your scalp continously. Not drying it out.
Adding this much chemiclas to your scalp and body is just as bad as eating unhealthy.

This may sound freaky to many of you. Never shampooing again, she must be out of her mind.
Well, maybe. But I would actually like to try it. As I said I love dry shampoo. I don’t need to wash and style my hair every other day but every forth or fifth day instead (I still shower though don’t worry) when using dry shampoo.
Because of that I release my hair from harsh heat styling, dry and spplit ends from all the washing and chemicals and I save a lot of time in the morning.
But the No Poo trend is not all about not using schampoo. You need to be careful of what you use as a substitute. If you keep using the harsh chemicals you might aswell use your bottled schampoo like you would any other day.
I would recommend looking at your local organic grocery store or any store that has a good selection of natural haircare and beauty products. This is the easiest way to become more of a Non Poo’er. But if you like to free yourself completely you could actually go all in and make your own stuff.

These are some (not that many) of the chemiclas you should avoid to maintain a healthy and natural hair:

Ammonium Laureth Sulfate
Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
Sodium Alkyl Sulfate
Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
Dimethicone copolyol
Phenyl Trimethicone
Alcohol denat.
Denaturated alcohol
Isopropyl alcohol
SD alcohol

Try to avoid mineral oils as much as possible. Mineral oils build up a layer on your hair and body which can be difficult to remove without Sulfates and harsh cleansing.

Here are some of the methods I will try this summer. I really love the idea of hibiscus in my beauty routine (found on


Birch leave hair wash – dried or fresh birch leaves contains saponins which makes a light lather. Let the birch leaves “marinate” in a glass jar or container for no less than 30 minutes. Shake so that the lather comes out. Rinse and massage it into your hair and scalp.

Honey wash – Boil 2dl of water, let cool and add 1-2 tablespoons of Honey. Dissolve completely and massage into hair and scalp. Let sit and rinse thorougly.

Horse chesnut wash – pick the chesnuts when in season. Cut them in smaller pieces and dry them on the lowest heat in the oven with the over door open.
Use as much water you think is needed for your hair. If you have hard water in your area you’ll need to soften it with some salt.
Put the chesnuts in a container and store over night. Shake so that the Saponins comes out. Separate the nuts from the lathered water and use as your new DIY shampoo.

Coconutmilk & green tea shampoo – A mosturizing schampoo. Boil the green tea and blend with coconut milk and honey.

Arrowroot powder and cacao DIY dry shampoo – Acts as a degreaser and volumizer. Use on your roots as a dry shampoo


A rinse can often restore the PH balance in your hair after using a shampoo or homemade shampoo.
The hibiskus rinse – If you are a natural redhead or dyed redhead like me you can use hibiscus leaves that has been boiled for an hour. Let cool and rinse.


Use coconut oil or Hemp seed oil as a natural body lotion. Natures best way of taking care of you.


You can also use a vegetable oil as a face cream. Vegetable is a great ingredient for acne control.
Use honey instead of soap.


Have you tried any No Poo remedies? share your experience with me





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