Thank you Ho Chi Minh city!

Why I love Vietnamese food in Ho Chi Minh city!

The adventure in Ho Chi Minh city has come to an end and the journey continues. Still in Vietnam the journey takes us south to the town of Sa Dec.

It is time to explore the floating markets on the Mekong Delta. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to visit a chilli farm and eat som local candy.

But I have really enjoyed our stay in Ho Chi Minh city and it has reminded me what I really like about the country. The Vietnamese food.

Vietnamese food really stands tall on the list of gastronomic countries and has one of the worlds best streetfood. Ho Chi Minh city is no exeption.

Eating out is easier than it has been during our whole journey since we started four months ago. The dishes include more vegetables and you are presented a huge variety of dishes to choose from. Fruit and nuts are also used for that extra twist.

Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam in general I think has a lot more fruit than many of the Asian countries I’ve been too. Fruitstands or fruitwagons are on every street corner. Pineapple , mango,papaya, watermelon and even papaya can be bought for as little as 10.000 Dong. I love it!

Yesterday I had one of the top 5 of all food we have had during our four months on the road. And it was sooooo simple. Simply sauted chicken with vegetables, pinapple and cashew nuts. And steamed rice. All washed down with a mango shake and a smile on my face.

We really had a nice ending of our stay in Ho Chi Minh city.

So thank you Ho Chi Minh city!

Vietnamese sauted chicken

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