Thai wok and noodles Khmer style

Food in Cambodia

Having a kitchen has finally set our vegetable modus at high speed. To make it fast and easy without having to order in or eating fast food, I have been making a lot of woks and noodle soups lately.

Either a green curry with noodles in coconut milk or a red paneng curry. Both my partner and I prefer the green one. It does not get as heavy as the Paneng curry.

I simply put the noodles in hot,almost boiling, coconut milk. After a minute I put in whatever I feel like throwing in. Usually that’s carrot, yellow onion, paprika and broccoli. And of course cashew nuts which holds a lot of minerals and levels of antioxidants. You can never go wrong with those. Garnish with some spring onions and you’re set. Takes no longer than 5 minutes. And it is really delicious too.  Suits me perfectly fine.

Khmer food, noodle soup, green curry, Cambodia

wok, noodle soup, carrots, ingredients, Thai food, cambodia

green curry, noodle soup, Thai food

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