Thai Panang curry

Thai Panang curry

I am back in Thailand again and this time in Krabi. Krabi is a small town which is usually associated with beach holidays and fun activities.

But Krabi really is the connection point to the beaches since the town does not have any beaches of its own. From here you can get to Railai, Ao Nang, Phi Phi island and Tonsai beach. I have spent one day in Krabi so far and I am liking it here. I found a small anonymous restaurant  that serves authentic Thai food (not that it’s hard to find here but still).

I decided to try the Thai Panang curry with chicken being familiar with Panang from the many Thai restaurants in my home country. And it was amazingly delicious!

Panang curry is a red curry mix blended with coconut milk, vegetables and meat, preferably chicken, served with rice or noodles. It has a mild texture with a heat that does not overwhelm you.  And it was only 120 Baht.

I enjoyed it with some fresh orange juice with ice. What a great choice for lunch. I will go back tomorrow and try something else on the menu.

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