Temple St Clair – my obsession

Temple St Clair

Even though I travel all over the world this post is not about a temple. Not this time. Lately I have become re-obsessed (Yes that is possible) with one of my favorite brands. The lovely, mystical and timeless Temple St Clair jewelry.
I love the classy feel and the quality of the materials that are used in all their pieces. Mother of pearl, diamonds and moonstones set in 24 K gold
I especially love their pendant necklaces. The pendants are what I have been longing for forever.
But, I cannot afford them. I would have to get a really well paid job
( traveling is not so profitable for your wallet after all) and save up to be able to buy one piece from the collection. Or try to spot a sample sale sometime in the future.

The starting price for a necklace is around 1300 USD. So I guess that for now I will keep them on my Pinterest wish list and dream away of my perfect accessorized outfit.

jewelry, wishlist, temple st clair, love

jewelry, wishlist, temple st clair, love


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  1. 1 March, 2015

    […] am a sucker for pendant necklaces as you might have read before. The are stylish and do not have to be big to make a statement. My all time favorite brand is […]

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