Tapioca, the history of Vietnam

Tapioca the essential ingredient

Today me and my partner went to see one of the most popular sights in southern Vietnam. Having read something about it first we headed out to the Cu Chi tunnels.

We where at bit lost at the beginning of the visit since there are no real signs or indications where to start if you don’t have a tour guide. But after wandering on the sight for a couple of minutes we must have looked really lost. Because after five minutes we had us a guide. And it was included in the entrance fee so why not.

He showed us how life was during the American-Vietnamese war, he showed us the tunnels and how the guerilla soldiers used to dress. The human traps for the enemies where on display also.

It was interesting to listen to him and how the country was like during g the war. I was offered to steep down in one of the smallest holes to one of the tunnels and I was really impressed of the tiny space. I am quite claustrophobic so I did not waste any time there. The tour guide told us that the local people of Cu Chi could spend weeks or even months in the tunnels going on with there every day life as they where hiding from the American soldiers . So I asked him what they used to cook in the tunnels.

Apparantly there was also food included in the entrance fee. Or “Tapioca fiesta” as our tour guide proudly announced.

Tapioca was the main, and sometimes the only, source of food during the wars. The women cooked only in the morning so that the smoke would look like fog. They slowly steamed the root that is sometimes called “Cassava” for 45 minutes to an hour until it softens and then serve it with tea and a dip made of grined peanuts and cane sugar.

Didn’t look like much but it was actually really nice. Don’t know if I would stand it every day for 15 years like the Vietnamese during the war though.

Tapioca, or Cassava, has a number of health benefits. It is a,good option if you want to gain weight. The root holds fibres and good cholesterol. It is known for increasing blood circulation, prevent birth defects, help prevent Alzheimer s disease and it could also improve your bone health. It is also a great option to improve your digestion.

No wonder why the Vietnamese took advantage of the many benefits of the Cassava.


Taipoca, peanuts,cassava, cane sugar

Taipoca, peanuts,cassava, cane sugar

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