Summer in Stockholm – what a way to spend a weekend

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Summer in Stockholm – what a way to spend a weekend

I got the job!!
Oh my, I am so excited about this. There will be a lot more about that when I actually start working there in about a week or so. Wow, and these guys are a third generation family business with high quality food products. I must say that I am a bit curious about their range. I have seen some of it before, but not all. I want to try their Low Carb, lactose free and gluten free Gulasch stew. It has almost no additives. Far less than any packaged product I have seen on the market in Sweden.
I love Gulasch stew, or soup. I have to check if that’s Ketogenic though. Before I eat it. I’m actually not sure.

I’ll get back to you on that.

Anyways, so today I am on a train. Right now. Since I got the job and starting so soon I figured that I should go to Stockholm to see my boyfriend. He´s going traveling in about four weeks so I won´t see him as much. And we have been apart for a week and a half now and I really miss him. So I am on a train to Stockholm to be there for a few days and then back to work. There are so many things to do there.
It feels wierd. “Back to work”. Even though we have been working while traveling this is an office job. I am comfortable with office jobs but it has been a year and a half almost since I was a “regular employee”.I will catch up with you guys later and keep you updated on what’s happening.
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  1. 23 May, 2015

    […] just about four hours the March against Monsanto event will kick off at Mynttorget here in Stockholm. The march is held all over the world and here it is said that over 3000 people are joining in here […]

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