SOMA chocolate, Distillery District, Toronto

SOMA, chocolate, Toronto

SOMA chocolate, Distillery District, Toronto

The historic Distillery district in Downtown Toronto is the perfect place to go if you are looking for something unique and fun to do in Downtown.
Not only is the sight one of the best sights for Victorian industrial architecture in North America. But it also holds unique and urban restaurants and shops.
Not anyone can join the team and be a tenant at the Distillery sight. Which makes companies like SOMA the perfect company and attraction to visit in Toronto.

SOMA chocolate is a concept of finding new ways to create and enjoy chocolate. And it works. At the Distillery district they have created an environment where you can browse and purchase unique chocolate, watch the process and molding of chocolate and enjoy a cup of fresh made hot chocolate, which they are quite famous for by the way.

I wanted to see the collection of “tree parts chocolate” that I had seen on their website days before and to see what the fuzz is all about.

So our day off that day would be all about the Distillery district.

As I got of the train and out of the Union train station the cold wind hit my face and I started having second thoughts about these ” a fun day out” activities in Downtown we had planned for ourselves.
But I was so curious about this Distillery district and especially SOMA. What is it really?
As a food lover/enthusiast I love finding new, unique concepts and places.

Entering the Distillery area is like walking into a different time and era. It is almost like you expect horse carriages rushing passed you and around the corner, people in time typical clothing from the early 20th century passing you by. Even if they don’t you really get the sense of how life was like here and it is no wonder why this area has become one of Toronto’s biggest prides.

The distillery closed their business in 1990, being in operation since 1837, but reopening the doors in 2003 as the hip and urban area to experience in Toronto it is no wonder it attracts people.

SOMA is no exception.

It didn’t take long until we found the sign and entered the doors of SOMA.

A warmth met us in the door with a smell of melted, hot chocolate and sweet somethings  filled our noses and almost made us walk further into the shop.
Chocolate is everywhere and it became clear quite quickly that the people from SOMA really takes the chocolate making seriously. You will not find the regular chocolate bar here (well at least there is a new way of thinking alternative to it here), but you will find chocolate tree bark, explorer bars with chocolate made from cacao beans from all over the world, truffles, infused chocolates and so much more.

I wanted to buy everything but my partner stopped me.
I couldn’t leave without trying something from the range of delicious chocolate though. That would have been too sad.
Behind the glass wall from opposite side of the entrance is the factory where melted chocolate flows in a continuous stream of holiness. I can not just walk away from this.

I had a cup of spicy hot chocolate (so typical me) and my partner had a regular one. A perfect start of the exploration of the Distillery distrit.

SOMA produced their chocolate from scratch by themselves. From cacao bean farms all over the world to a chocolate lab and production. And everything that comes out is a gift of deliciousness for anyone who wants to try.

It really is heaven on earth to me and even though the cold winds almost broke us, the visit at SOMA made it all worth it.

All the photos are from our Distillery district adventure. Don’t miss the look on my partner Leonardos face when he sees the melted stream of chocolate from the other side of the room. It is a true Kodak moment.


chocolate, Leonardo, SOMA

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