Sodium and the health benefits

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Sodium and the health benefits

Everywhere I see commercial, ads and info about Sodium. Too much Sodium is bad for you, decrease your Sodium, too much Sodium can give you high blood pressure, kill you etc.
But on the Ketogenic Diet it is all about increasing your Sodium level.

Sodium actually has a lot of benefits if used properly

  • Balances fluids in the body
  • Helps send nerve impulses
  • Needed for muscle contractions
  • Influences blood pressure, consumption can lower blood pressure.
  • Sodium also helps to keep calcium and other minerals soluble in the blood, as well as stimulating the adrenal glands

Everywhere I look I see information about Americans eating too much Sodium.
If you’re not on a diet then moderate consumption of Sodium should be used but sodium in general is good for you.

I use salt on Avocados, cucumber, eggs, broccoli. Anything I eat more or less. It enhances my food and gives me the nutrients and minerals my body needs to function.


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