Siem Reap here we go!

Siem Reap here we go!

I have been super busy lately working and changing city. We have      moved from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and have been settling in here for a few days so time has passed by too quickly for me this past weeks.

So here we go! Siem Reap baby! Home of the famous temple Angkor Wat. Yes, I went there and it was amazing! I must say that the Angkor temples are the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Yet.
It is not a couple of temples as I thought at first but several. The typical jungle temple is Ta Promh. It was like being taken back 2000 years in time. Like a fairytale landscape and it reminded me so much of a movie me and my sister had when we were kids. It was about “the jungle book” but not in the same setting. It was a really old version. Maybe it was called “the Maharajah” or something like that…..bad memory on that one. But what I can recall it had a temple just like Angkor Wat in it.
We didn’t really want to leave the place but it was too warm to spend a full day out.
One of our other new hobbies besides sightseeing here in Siem Reap is to go to the riverside and stroll around the food vendors. They are so hospitable, the food is so cheap and you get to try more food than you would in a restaurant.  Perfect deal!

Tomorrow I think it’s time to head back to the temples and do some more sightseeing and filming.  More photos to come!

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