Poutine- my way into the Canadian lifestyle

Poutin- my way into the Canadian lifestyle

I have heard about this thing called “Poutine” before but not really knowing what it was. So I arrived in Canada and thought that the word “Poutine” was just something Canadians do. No.
There are some things you just have to do before even considering saying that you “live in Canada”. I HAD to visit “Tim Hortons” which is a famous coffee shop brand in Canada. And i HAD to eat Poutine.
Without these I can not call myself a contributor to the Canadian lifestyle.
Ok, I do not really feel the need to “fit in” but I am curious as a person. So let me try this stuff.
Tim Hortons was easy, I can always manage a cup of Latte.
Poutine on the other hand is not a drive through affair. What I know of. It is a French-Canadian way of eating and I have been told it is originally from Quebec.
Poutin is a dish consisting of a bottom layer of crispy French fries, on top of that you have melt cheese which is all covered in a thick layer of gravy. For someone traveling to Canada for the first time this might sound a bit weird. But it is actually really tasty.
Canadian lifestyle to me is when “shop ‘n’ eat” is a part of the day. Where we live food is all around us. Walmart and all of the bigger food chains, and smaller ones, are easy accessible. And they all have either McDonalds or some other food chain or bistro attached to it. And from what I have seen, the Canadians absolutely love to make it a shop and eat experience. So I experienced my Poutine on a visit to the food store “Costco“.
I like it. It is hardly the last time I try Poutine or do the “Shop’n’eat”.
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