People of Walmart

People of Walmart, Canada

I arrived in Canada just  about two weeks ago and my very first impression was how cold it is here. The winters are very intense and cold here but usually very short. Fingers crossed. But everyone seems so friendly. Ok, there are grumpy ones everywhere all over the world but in general they seem more nice and polite here for some reason. I like that.

While in Canada I figured I want to see it all. You know, even the basic stuff. Like, why do they always use red plastic cups in teenage American and Canadian movies, what is the fuzz about this Walmart place, are there that many funny people as the People of Walmart site claims and do all Canadians eat beef jerky and ready made snack packs for lunch?

So to start somewhere we drove off to the Walmart place. really just “Walmart” to get some supplies and food for New Years eve.

Even though it is a huge grocery store more or less it is still fun to go there just to see what local Canadians shop. Everything comes in big sizes. Family sized packages as we might call it in Sweden. You buy everything in bulk or wholesale. And it astonish me that they shop that much and use it all.
Just walking the isles is fun. I like to browse and here you see stuff that we don’t have in Sweden. Like bulk sized American muffins that are nice enough to get sold at any up scaled bakery in town for 4 Canadian Dollars a package or Cheddar cheese in blocks.
Not as many wierd looking people though as the People of Walmart website.
I like to try out new things when it comes to cooking and baking so I am guessing I will have a whole lot of fun in Canada now when Walmart is in the house.

I already have my mind on making some Banoffie Pie real soon.



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