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American pancakes recipe

American pancakes recipe I tried to make pirogues. Well, I did a very good try (that’s what counts right?). But I ended up putting too much milk in and realized that I had missed...

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Rooster Head VS HotDog in Boracay

Rooster head VS HotDog in Boracay I am on the beach in Boracay Philippines  trying some street food. Check out my YouTube Channel

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The Cartier amulette

The Cartier amulette I am a sucker for pendant necklaces as you might have read before. The are stylish and do not have to be big to make a statement. My all time favorite...

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Easy pizza dough recipe

Easy pizza dough recipe A big pizza can be the highlight of the evening. But it can be even better if it is home made. And with this recipe I am about to share...

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Eggless banana muffins

Eggless banana muffins So I had a whole bunch of damaged bananas that had been in a cold car to long. They were beyond salvation so I figured I might use them for something....

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Temple St Clair – my obsession

Temple St Clair Even though I travel all over the world this post is not about a temple. Not this time. Lately I have become re-obsessed (Yes that is possible) with one of my...

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My Spanish style omelette

My Spanish style omelette Today was one of those days when I couldn’t figure out what to make for lunch. After putting our brains together, me and my sort of sister in law, we...