Nutrition facts about cacao and chocolate

cacao, bean, nutrotion, health benefits

Nutrition facts about cacao and chocolate

Most of us like chocolate. I know I do. I have a real big (actually quite huge) sweet tooth for chocolate. Imagine going on the Ketogenic diet not being able to eat any. Not even coconut. So I guess my beloved coconut infused milk chocolate was out of the question.

But actually, did you know that the cacao, that the actual chocolate bar is made from, is considered a super food.
Native to the Americas it was originally called “the fruit of the Gods” since it was considered to have healing powers in the now indigenous tribes.
Cacao trees now grow in the Amazon Basic, Orinoco River Basin, Ghana, Philippines,  Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, Togo and a few Caribbean islands.
The cacao tree grows to 10-30 feet in height and delivers fruit approximately four years after it is planted. The fruits of the cacao tree are called cacao pods.

The pods have lots of different benefits. The pod has beans inside its thick flesh which is used to make cocoa butter that you might even have in one or more of your beauty products.
Inside the bean is the cacao nib which is the holy part which makes the heavenly chocolate.

Health benefits

So here are some nutrition facts about cacao.

All cacao products are said to have health benefits for the common health aswell as for skincare. They can lower high blood pressure, lower high cholesterol, treat liver conditions, cure a bad bladder and kidney disorders, asthma and diarrhea disorders, prevent wrinkles, pregnancy stretch marks and more.
As with most natural products you’ll get the most benefits out of the raw, unprocesssed products since som of the nutrients dissolve during heating and processing.

Antioxidants, fat, carbohydrates, protein, minerals like calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, iron, zinc and potassium, oleic acid which has several benefits if you have a heart disorder, fiber and vitamins E, B2, B1, B5, B3 and B9.

Cacao powder may seem like a very dry product but it actually does contain approximately 2,6 grams of water per 1 cup of serving.

Nutritional Facts

The following is the nutritional facts for raw organic cacao powder (1 ounce)

  • Calories – 120
  • Calories from fat – 23
  • Total fat – 2.5g (4% DV)
  • Saturated fat – 1.5g (7% DV)
  • Sodium – 20mg (1% DV)
  • Total Carbohydrates – 19.0g (6% DV)
  • Dietary fiber – 7.0g (28% DV)
  • Protein – 5g
  • Calcium – 4% DV
  • Iron – 16% DV
  • Vitamin A – 0%
  • Vitamin C – 0%
  • Caffeine 180 mg

DV refers to recommended daily value.

I personally love cacao. In every aspect. I love using cacao butter instead of dairy. I love mixing cacao butter with cacao powder to make chocolate truffles. It is a truly versatile product. No wonder it is called “fruit of the Gods”

cacao, bean, nutrotion, health benefits

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