My Sri Lanka adventure

My Sri Lanka adventure

I have not managed to get internet access for quite some time now. And I have missed writing but in the meanwhile I have explored a new country.
From Thailand we made our way to Sri Lanka. Not my original plan but life is full of adventures and can take you anywhere. And it took me to Sri Lanka and my Sri Lanka adventure.
At first it was different. The people were chaotic and hectic and I wondered if I would ever be able to manage the chaos in the big cities like Colombo.
But the culture shock settled and Sri Lanka grew on me and I started to like the people and the culture. I find it interesting and astonishing at the same time.
The way of life is so different and in some places people think very short term here which surprises me beyond my imagination.
But if I take a step back I think it’s kind of funny.

The Sri Lankan food is amazing and I have had the opportunity to get first hand insight of local Sri Lankan cooking and culture.
It has been a real adventure. Visiting turtle hatcheries, living with monks and cooking Sri Lankan food.
Next time I will tell you how I became a Sri Lankan Dall chef.

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  1. 13 April, 2015

    […] I can be able to sit in the backyard and just enjoy the day. Makes me miss the sunny Asia like, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and thinking back to when I was in Downtown Toronto in searh of the famous SOMA chocolate […]

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