My Nepalese adventure

My Nepalese adventure

I am in Nepal. The centre and ultimate destination for adventure. And it has been grand. I know I promised to tell you how I became a Dahl chef in Sri Lanka. I have not forgotten but I will tell you that story later.
Nepal is one of my favourite countries so far. It has extremely beautiful landscapes, nice people and good food. And genuine culture that you don’t have to look for. Everything I want. Except for the sun and the beach but that’s another story.
I have spent about three weeks in Nepal now. Starting in Kathmandu I felt at home right away.  Teashops and Momos filling the streets with top notch shopping for me who loves shawls. And they are in every shop in the Thamel area where we live.

I really like the food here. Especially the streetfood. The restaurants can be pricey if you are on a really tight budget. But the street food is just as good. You can get Mo-mo’s an tea for under 200 Rupees if you stick to the street vendors. Egg rolls for 80 Rupees and vegetable or Buff Mo-mo’s for 100 Rupees, fresh juice or Buff skewers just to mention a few. And there are lots of bakeries selling Danish bread and cream donuts.

I went on a nine day trekking adventure in the Himalayas also which became an adventure on its own. We visited a Yak cheese factory and ate Yak curd on high altitude which was amazing.
Read more about the Himalayan trekking adventure here.

Anyway, Nepal is amazing. I will probably tell you that a couple of times more.

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