My Ketogenic Diet, Day three

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My Ketogenic Diet, Day three

“Mechanically separated”. Just process that sentence for a second. What does that mean?! I went grocery shopping yesterday to try find Bacon and some other meat that is grass fed. I keep reading the labels of the packaging on this stuff. Chicken. Mechanically separated.

I don’t want to eat chicken that has been put on a butchers hook and then blasted with a power tool to make the meat leave the bones. No thank you. Were is the humanity in that?

Finally, after being around the stores for a while, the staff at Sobeys, a well stocked supermarket here in Toronto, managed to point me to Pork Belly. No sugar. And not mechanically separated.

Today is my third day on the Ketogenic diet. Or the KetoFab diet as I like to call it. And I am not in the mood at all. I feel annoyed with everything and angry at everyone. I guess I could blame the sugar in my body for that as it’s trying to get out. Bye Bye sugar!!
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