My Ketogenic Diet Day 5 – Epilepsy improvement

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My Ketogenic Diet Day 5 – Epilepsy improvement

My fifth day! I’m feeling proud. Actually woke up feeling better today than I have previous mornings. It went overnight, lucky me.
Breakfast felt better. I was sick of all those omelettes, but managed to find some good ingredients yesterday.

It may sound a bit silly, but I can actually feel that my epilepsy, or seizures, has decreased since I went on the Ketogenic Diet. I usually have smaller seizures called “Auras“, which are basically when the brain goes “on hold”, as I like to call it.
It might be a blank stare where I get a memory gaps, not remembering what I have been doing. Feeling dizzy and nauseous. Or dropping things and not really being aware of it. Things like that. I could usually get those several times per day. As for the typical falling seizures with the “spasms” not as frequent.  So I feel that it is working better for each day as more sugar has made its way out of my body.

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