M/S Rygerfjord – The restaurant on water

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M/S Rygerfjord – The restaurant on water

We had the first real Swedish summer day of the year the day before yesterday so we took the opportunity to go downtown in Stockholm to grab a bite to eat and do some light sightseeing. it is not so often that I am in Stockholm and I have never been here when the summer has struck. So this day was special.
There are many places to eat in Stockholm depending on your budget and your taste. Urban,hip restaurants to food trucks. Anything for anyone. Stockholm has now become famous for its Nordic approach to food and as a trendsetter when it comes to urban Nordic food.

I love eating at new places and try new things. As I am now Ketogenic, that task proves to be more of a challenge now than it was before. But there are still a few good places to eat I suppose.
My boyfriend said we should try the restaurant at M/S Rygerfjord. A boat in the Stockholm river, close to the Royal castle with a stunning view over Stockholm city and the classic landmarks. If you arrive later in the evening you’ll get the chance to catch the sunset in the summer.
The food is supposed to be amazing.
So after a few moments of discussion on where to eat we decided to head down to the harbour and the M/S Rygerfjord.

The atmosphere was relaxed as we went onboard the boat and into the restaurant. Lots of people came to enjoy a classic Swedish shrimp sandwich and a beer or a glass of wine after work.

It is a popular place to meet up in the afternoon just sitting on upper deck having a glass of wine and enjoying the view in good company.
The menu has something for everyone from a classic Swedish shrimp Sandwich to a trendy Black angus burger or a tasty Veggie burger.

I am Ketogenic but I did order the Veggie burger and dumped the bread. It was too good to resist. My boyfriend had the Black Angus burger.
Usually I can be a bit sceptic about veggie burgers. They tend to be dry and tasteless or just full of overcooked broccoli. But the staff really recommended it so I thought I had to give it a chance to prove itself worthy.
Let me tell you, this is no regular Veggie burger.
As soon as the plate came in I realized that this was going to be good. A nice layout on the plate with crisp french fries, chilli mayo to begin with. And the burger. At first sight it really looks like a proper restaurant first class burger. And then you start to look at it up close and I saw that this is a really interesting burger.
Not only is the patty juicy but it tastes meat and not like overcooked broccoli. It is a real treat to take a bite.
Just as I took the plunge and took my first bite I noticed something else. There was a sweet and almost sour taste and a texture to it that I wasn’t expecting.
A slice of a Swedish red apple had been carefully placed under the patty. Genius! What a great way to enhance the flavours. And it worked so well.
As Keto follower I am not supposed to eat a lot of fruits o close to Zero fruit. But I thought that since it was so small I could treat myself.

I have to say that this is one of the best Veggie burgers I have ever had. Full of flavour, juicy, interesting and one that you just want more of. It was sad when it was all over. Another one please!
The Black Angus burger proved to be just as amazing. A full Angus patty with the power to make a full grown man happy. All you really need, isn’t it?

The view, the food and the atmosphere made the perfect day out for us. And it is not far from the city centre either which makes it the perfect destination for good eating and hanging out. I will never eat a burger in Stockholm anywhere else.

You can reach M/S Rygerfjord M/S Rygerfjord. Don’t miss out!

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