Monsanto here I come – GMO showdown today!

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Monsanto here I come – GMO showdown today!

In just about four hours the March against Monsanto event will kick off at Mynttorget here in Stockholm. The march is held all over the world and here it is said that over 3000 people are joining in here in Stockholm. I think it is important that everyone who cares about their well being and the future of their health joins in and makes their voice heard.
If you are considering joining you really should. Show up, walk with the crowd and you have shown your support. If you want to make a statement board, then even better. You would still have made an impact.

So why is it important?
Well, for obvious reasons. If people don’t speak up and make an effort to say their opinion, Monsanto and all other GMO companies would continue without any threats and be more or less unstoppable. If we say we’ve had enough., then we can stand a chance.
The Swedish Parliament voted yes to GMO this spring which went against all the Swedish peoples votes and health rights. There were numerous complaint, protests and debates about it. The majority of the Swedish people are against GMO and wants sustainable farming with clean food. Still the Swedish parliament went with a Yes.
So now it is even more important to show up at Mynttorget today.

I hope as many of you show up today where ever you are in the world. Mae your voice heard for the sake of our future.

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  1. 24 May, 2015

    […] steal all of the crowd though. Around 500 people came to demonstrate against Monsanto and GMO crops and GMO food. We started out on Mynttorget (the coin square, directly translated) and ended in […]

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