Meat is meat? – food trends 2015

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Meat is meat? – food trends 2015

I just came home from an interview with a an amazing company. I am so excited! They deliver high quiality meat products that has close to no additives (which is a struggle to find here) and they don’t process their meat. It is all pure!
So can you guess how excited I was when they called me to an interview. I love pure food, hate additives and I love meat. Perfect!

And it got me thinking of my travels in Asia (I know here I go again). But, if you think of it, it is interesting how our values and ways of lookig at food is so different.
Maybe you have seen my photo above on my blog before  or on But it is one of my favorite photos.
Because it is so natural.
The food trend and market in Sweden has become more aware and more about what it is you’re eating and not how much you’re spending. Clean eating is a huge growing market which this company really has a huge foot in.
And so many are now putting their foot down to say no to additives and processed meat. GO TEAM!

Which brigs me to this:

This saturday is the March against Monsanto event. Don’t miss out on your chance to save the wellbeing of yourself and your future.



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