March against Monsanto 2015, Stockholm, Sweden

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March against Monsanto 2015, Stockholm, Sweden

The March against Monsanto 2015 has come to and end. What an amazing day it was. A lot of people showed up despite the GumBall event with macho cars lined up just next to the square we all started at. It didn’t steal all of the crowd though.
Around 500 people came to demonstrate against Monsanto and GMO crops and GMO food. We started out on Mynttorget (the coin square, directly translated) and ended in Humlegårdsparken. The line of people ho were there were everything from Hippies, elderly, youth, tourists and others. And what an energetic crowd it was as all of these people are all passionate about their health and future. As we marched passed the Royal castle more and more people joined ion and we turned heads as we passed Stureplan square and further towards the end park.
Billboards, statement boards and signs were seen in the air everywhere and people singing and chanting “Hell No GMO!” “it’s about our lives! it’s about our children! No GMO in our food!”.
As we entered the last park. Humlegardsparken, there were speeches from several influential people in the health industry aswell as a Swedish reggae band to help lighten up the already happy spirits who had joined the event.

We told the government NO, we told Monsanto NO and we have spread awareness to so many others.
Now it is time for the sustainable work that you and I do everyday. In the end the future comes from your wallet, as one of the spokespersons said in one of the speeches today. It is what you buy and what products you choose that can make an impact on our future.
And I fully agree. If we keep buying the bad, modified food instead of healthy and organic products, then how can we expect the world and our environment to change.
Join me on next years event to March against Monsanto, and don’t forget to Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more videos!

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