Mangosteen, the “Ant fruit”

Mangosteen nutrition facts.

Another healthy option and a common fruit in Asia is Mangosteen. A sweet fruit with a hint of sour apple. The flesh reminds me a bit of Lychees. I call it “The Ant fruit”. I usually go to the market and by these babies in a bag of minimum 10. Because when I start eat them, they go fast. It is common to get an ant with your purchase that has crawl into the plastic bag. As with most fruits. But the Mangosteen, when you open it, ants come out. Usually from two out of ten Mangosteens. Ants love to lay eggs in the Mangosteen and apparently they benefit quite well from the fruit since I always find a nest in my fruit. Do not be alarmed by the tiny creatures. The fruit is well worth the money anyway. Past studies has suggested that Mangosteen may prevent acne bacteria and benefit human skin. The fruit is rich in antioxidants and some websites suggest that it could prevent or heal cancer. Although no known studies has been presented. The fruit has started to get well known as a health drink mostly known as “Xango juice“. Not many countries allows the fruit to get visa into the country, but in juice form mixed with other fruit and berries it is slowly making its way to a market near you.

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