Local produce off the beaten track in Cambodia

Local produce and the Cardamom mountains

After moving to the little society of Chi Phat I have really been struggeling. Both in terms of food and in terms of, well, everything else.

My fear for insects has become more or less dissapeared though. Ok, let’s put it this way, I will not scream or run every time there is a mosquito coming after me. But the humidity is really testing us as we entered the rainy season out in the djungle. If you have a wound it won’t heal. If you have washed your clothes they will almost never dry. And it is a humidity and a heat that takes a long time to adjust to. At least for me.

When I came to Chi Phat I became sick with fever and vomits. Our manager where we volunteer though it might me Dengue fever. But after a couple of days I was cleared out of the danger zone. No rash means no dengue fever.

In terms of food I am really surprised and relieved at the same time that there is almost no local produce. The villagers previously worked the forests for plantation and hunting. But the protection of this forest in the Cardamom mountains is very precious and one of the last in these parts of Asia. So for that I am very happy that there is little farming so that the forest can be saved.

So in terms of food they have to import a lot of goods and ingredients instead of using the forest.

I have been struggling not to eat Oreo’s or crisps. But it really is hard of you miss the best time at the market. And there is usually not so much too choose from.

If you are here in Chi Phat and have arranged tours, which is often necessarymif you want to head out in the djungle, the meals are included in the price so you’ll never have to give it a second of thought. But me and my partner are here on other conditions.

Today our manager was very kind to let us use the kitchen at the office, or center, so that I could make a recovery soup for our stomachs and throat. In the past three days I have been eating in total four small bananas and some crackers.

My partner found onions, ginger, potato and some garlic. 

And tonight we will eat atmthe community center where the local chefs prepare food for the tourists. The food there in the evening is usually good.

I will continue my little food mission here in Chi Phat a little while longer. Even though it from time to time is rough living, I really like it here.

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