Krabi market, Thailand

Krabi weekend market, Thailand

Looking back on this past year I sometimes find myself missing Asia. Sure, it is not as westernized and as organized as Canada but I like that. I especially miss the markets. Krabi, Thailand, had some amazing markets.

I paid a visit to the Krabi town centre when we felt the hunger coming. Our super friendly hotel owner had said there would be a major shopping street and a market. Interesting! I thought. And interesting it was.
In the middle of Krabi town there is a weekend market after around four in the afternoon Friday to Sunday. Just walking around in the walking street area is an enjoyment as people flood in before the vendors even loaded their good in their small stalls.
There are plenty of things to buy at the Krabi market. Everything from tacky souvenirs to unlabeled clothes. But the main, and most interesting, thing about this  market is that it is loaded to max with food. About 60 percent of the market is dedicated to food and let me tell you, all of Thailands best Thai food is up for grabs. Noodles, woks, fried fish, kebabs, fresh juice, and everything in between. Even if you’re not hungry or even the slightest in the mood to go taste exploring it is so much fun just to walk around and look at all the food. Because it is so different and colorful.
My favorites so far at the market has to be the tiniest, cutest little painted rice sweets imitating small carrots and fruit that a lady sold in the middle of the market. Love it!
I have found a grocery store here in Ajax/Toronto but it is not the same thing as visiting a live market in Asia.
But these are good memories though.


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