Ketogenic Diet – Why you need to rethink what you´re eating

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Ketogenic Diet – Why you need to rethink what you´re eating

I was at my doctors office the other week to get an appointment with a Neurologist. So they took a blood sample (OMG!) at the same time.
No one can imagine my fear of needles. I would rather starve for a year (ok, maybe not that long) but I would do almost anything to get out of that situation. But they took it and I got the results back.
It shows I have a lack of iron in my body. So the doctor told me to go eat some more vegetables. Hmmmm, like I´m not already doing that with all those leafy greens and veggies I am stuffing myself with on the Ketogenic Diet.

The doctor recommended me to get som iron infused pills from the pharmacy and take those twice a day for three months.
I am not a huge fan of pills in general. Most of the supplements and pills that you get in the stores are often full of chemicals and I am trying to avoid those bad suckers as much as possible.

Google can sort this, I thought, and went online.
Surely there are a lot of food out there that contain a lot of iron. That can be my supplement.

So here is what I found out. The recommended daily intake of iron is 14 MG. Not much, but it is the recommended number from the Swedish government.

Blood is the best way to get iron. Pigs blood and cows blood apparantly contains 39,5 and 35,5 mg of iron. Tempting, but a blood shake in the morning does not really make my tastebuds go YEAY!

So what else?
Well, cahsew nuts contains 6mg/100grams, roasted pumpkin seeds and squash seeds contains 15 mg/100 grams.
I am guessing I can eat a handfull of nuts to get some of that iron in. The list said nothing about spinach or other leafy greens it containes more of the daily products used by the average Swedish consumer.
Spinach and Broccoli actually is a good source of iron so I cannot figure out why my body is lacking iron since I am eating a lot of it.

Today I will make a wok with spinach, broccoli, cashew nuts and some beef. Just to get that iron pumping.

I really need to make a list of what I am eating during a day and list all the nutrients and benefits of those so that I can see, on paper, what I am missing out on.

We should all start to rethink what we are eating for the sake of our health. For all I know we could lack more than we know.




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