Ketogenic diet day eleven – I am outside!

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Ketogenic diet day eleven – I am outside!

I know it sounds silly. But I was actually outside today. Not making a trip to the grocery store to buy grass fed meat and other goods. But outdoors.

Just outside of Toronto is the Rouge Valley park which is a national park that anyone can go to. We have never gone trekking or walking in the forests in Canada and my partner had heard that the birdlife here was great. He takes pictures of birds.
So we had to go there. Not expecting much but it was an amazing day with a lot of positive energy and a lot of energy in general actually. It is amazing how many birds and animals are in this park. Even a deer family came up close to see who we were.
I love my new Ketogenic diet!

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    […] I had a great adventure being in the National park outside of Toronto, Canada. Lots of energy and lots of fun. Today, not […]

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