Ketogenic diet Day 78 – Why you should go Keto

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Ketogenic diet Day 78 – Why you should go Keto

So here it is. Yesterday my doctor told me to put my Keto on hold until I’ve run all my tests. She adviced me to use Keto diet only i that proved to be my “last option”. She made it sounds so dramatic.
In Sweden the Ketogenic Diet is usually used on very young children with epilepsy who don’t respond to their medication.
Going on Keto would interfear with my test results, my doctor thought.
I thought long and hard about this all day yestersay and all day today.
I want to get proper test results. A the same time I want to show the doctors that all people can enjoy a healthy life without heavy medication.
So I am doing a compromise. I will not be full Keto for a while. I won’t go back to where I was but I will keep eating healthy, eating clean and avoid sugar and chemicals as much as possible. That way the way back to Keto life won’t be as hard and the Keto flu might not strike as bad as the first time.
That’s what I am thinking.
I noticed today when I went shopping that before when I couldn’t eat what I wanted being Keto, I wanted everything and more in the store. Now that I can, sort of, eat what I want, nothing appeals to me. So what I felt befor is all psycological. We want what we can’t have.
As with many things in life, right.

I still believe that far more people should consider going Keto, though. Why you should go Keto? Well, first of all, your body will do a full cleanse leaving you more fresh and clean on the inside and out as never before. You will feel 150 % more energized and your sleep will improve. Sure you might miss the occasional treats. Who wouldn’t. But the Keto gains are so many (not to mention the weightloss) that is worth it. Not stuffing your body with unhealthy products will improve your life beyond imagination. It did so for me. And it can do the same for you.

I am so sorry if I am dissapointing some of you guys by going semi Keto. It is quite dissapointing for me aswell. But I know I will be back soon. In the meantime there will still be food and foodie inspiration with a healthy and clean eating perspective on my Youtube channel and here on my blog.. So don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on Facebook.

Lots of love from Charlie!

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