Ketogenic diet Day 30 – One month!!

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Ketogenic diet Day 30 – One month!!

Today is my ONE month anniversary being on the Ketogenic Diet.
I am so proud of myself that I managed to make it through the Keto Flu, the cravings and the frustration of not finding the food I needed. Any diet can be a struggle and the Ketogenic is more strict and more a lifestyle than a diet. no one can enter it half motivated.
It has started to be more of a routine now. I know, more or less, what to eat and when to eat. My body has got a rhythm now that I can follow and I know what happens to my body if I’m not focused and skip meals.

The cravings has almost disappeared. I used to crave things like chocolate and cakes/cookies. Now I am craving ice cream and that’s the only thing. I used to make a sort of “guilt free” ice cream with frozen bananas as a base. That way I wouldn’t eat the Lactos and milk products and less sugar. but bananas contain natural sugar and are not allowed on the Keto diet.
But it’s ok, I guess. Feel good like this or eat bananas. I choose to feel good like this.
many say that bananas are the best thing you can eat. Yes, they are good, but if you are converting, your body need as little sugar as possible. Preferably none. Not even natural sorts.

So, now I am taking this diet thing one month at a time. One month down, one more to go! and one more, and one more, and one more and one, and one, one, one one………

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