It’s time for a change – I’m going Ketogenic

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It’s time for a change – I’m going Ketogenic

We are constantly fed with what to do, what no to do, what to eat and what not to eat.

How many diet solutions haven’t you seen on Facebook or on internet lately. Not even looking for one.
But truth is. We actually consume so much food that are bad for us.
Food that we think is nutritious actually has no nutrients what so ever.
Take cow milk for example. Sure. It contains a lot of Calcium and a lot of good minerals for our bodies. If it would come straight out of the cow and onto your table. Many cows are systematically bred and fed with medicine to make them produce more milk. We then process that milk which kills all the nutrients. All there is left is a white non nutrient liquid.
In the old days (I sound so old when I say that) the milk was more nutritious. But not anymore. Chicken are fed with pesticides that gives humans cancer. Where is the world headed to, really?

After feeling more and more sick and decided to go to a doctor to have it checked out.
Re occurring seizures and diagnosis of Epilepsy. 
So that’s what I have? my brain is sick?
All kinds of emotions started rushing through me. Will I be able to travel anymore? can I go outside by myself? can I drive a car? And so on. All these questions.

I got a leaflet from my doctor on basic information about Epilepsy.
On one of the pages it said “A Ketogenic Diet is often used to treat young children with Epilepsy“. Hmm…..this is worth looking into.

So the research began. And as it turns out, a lot of people with various diagnoses use the Ketogenic Diet to control their symptoms. And many just because it is a good way of living.
Many with heavy uncontrollable epilepsy has become symptom free.

So why can’t I?

A Ketogenic Diet is similar to the LCHF which is really popular today. But the Ketogenic diet is more strict. It basically means eat a lot of fat, less protein and no sugar or carbs. Well it is advised that you eat 75% Fat, 20% Protein and 5% Carbs.
What is does, basically, is that it makes your brain use your body fat and the fat you consume as fuel instead of using carbohydrates. Today we eat so much sugar and we don’t even realize it.

There is even added sugar in many brands of Bacon today! what is up with that?!
The food I am eating now is making me sick!

So, I have made up my mind. I am going Ketogenic. And I am going to feel great and I am going to be symptom free so that I can live my life without interruptions.

Have you ever tried a diet like this? If so what is your favorite meal or tip for me who is completely new to this lifestyle?


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  1. 5 April, 2015

    […] made it through the first two weeks of my Ketogenic Diet! I am so proud. Eating right, talking long walks and exercising has really done my mind and my body […]

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