I was almost robbed!!

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I was almost robbed!!

How could this happen?! How could I be the one being robbed?
I am always so careful with information on Internet and are always suspicious. But this time I guess i got a bit over excited.
As I told you guys earlier, I sold my camera. And it went so fast.
Only a couple of hours after my ad was posted online, I got a text from a guy who asked me to send an email to him about the camera kit I am selling. So I did and he wanted to know about the shape of the camera and the total price. Because I had stated in my ad that the price is negotiable. So I thought that maybe he wants to discuss price.

Telling him that the total price is 6500 SEK for the whole kit, he immediately accepted the full price (as a shock to me) without negotiation. And he asked to pay through Paypal.

I do not prefer to charge through Paypal, since I will be charged 3,4% of the amount if I need to transfer that to my actual bank account. But he was the only one who seemed interested and I would get full price for it. So I agreed to use our work account through Paypal. Atleast I didn’t loose any money on negotiating about the price.

Anyways, I asked him several times if he was going to pick it up or if I needed to send it to him. Because all our conversation was in English.
He said he lived in England and were buying this for his son as a Birthday present. And he would cover all the shipping costs.

Great, I thought.
An invoice was sent and he confirmed the Payment.
Shortly after I got an email stating that the payment was confirmed but not visible on the paypal account since a shipping tracking number needed to be added before it could be visible.  And it had to be done within 24 hours.
And so to the post office we went.

I got the tracking number and went online to submit it to the Paypal email I got earlier. But there was no link where I could enter the tracking number.
My boyfriend got suspicious and had a closer look at the email.

It was a fake invoice payment!! he had not paid at all.
I immediately called the post office to stop the camera from leaving the country. And I was lucky, it was still there.
So, I still got it and the ad is up on Blocket again. Anybody want to buy a camera?
I reported the scam to Blocket and they responded quickly saying that this is something called a “Nigeria letter” where they use logos and copies of mails but wrong email addresses to scam people for money and/or products.

They almost got me.
Luckily I have people around me who slowed me down in the process.
I will only sell it with pick up and pay in hand or to my actual bank account where I can see the money.

Lesson learned.

  • Be careful
  • Check everything
  • Payment in hand

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