Horse meat vs. Cow meat – Meat the difference

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Horse meat vs. Cow meat – Meat the difference

In Sweden the most common meat on the table is cow, pig or chicken. Recently lean turkey has become popular aswell. But horse meat has made it to the shelves in the grocery stores too.
I recently did a VLOG about my horse meat salad, and everytime I mention to people that I use horse meat in my food the reactions are like the monsoon rains of Asia. Intense and longlasting. When it was annonced that McDonalds uses horse meat, or used horse meat, in their Hamburgers in Sweden the reactions went through the roof.
Why is that, I wonder. I never gave it a good thought before now.
Animals like cats, dogs and horses are familiar house pets. Or animals you would keep close to you and get attached too. You would name them and have them inside your house. Well, maybe not the horse but it is still one of the animals you would call your pet.
But it is still meat. Isn’t it?

In Asia it is common to eat dog, for example. In Indonesia they still used dog meat in some restaurant and it is called “street goat” by common tounge since thay are stray dogs and have the same “purpose” as a goat. Sort of.
I would never eat a dog. Mainly because it can carry a lot of diseases. Same thing as rat that wanders through the trash bins all day. Completely different animals though. But itstill eats what it can get a hold on. It would be strange to eat a dog because of the familiar pet status it has. But to the Balinese in Indonesia they are not pets in that same way like dogs are here. In general, that is.
I heard that the street goat meat is becoming less common now as the tourism is booming and more organizations and shelters are trying to eductae about eating the “wrong animals”.
But I don’t think I could eat a stray dog.

Anyways. back to the horse and the cow.

Why is it that a cow is less worth than a horse? Why is it that a horse is of limits? because it is more lovable?
A cow can produce milk and be a good pet too if you’d let her. Back in the days the cow was used for milk and sometimes for plowing.
A horse was used for transportation.
So in that sence, a cow should be more “worth” than a horse.
But I guess the “pet argument” makes sence. I would never eat a cat. Because that is my favorite pet.

But some people take the “animal cruelty” approach to eating horse meat. That the horses are treated badly and are slaughtered in an unhumane way tkn frm t lush valleys of juicy grass.

I agree. But then look at the chicken farms, or chicken slaughter houses. They are the most unhumane way of slaughtering an animal on this planet.
Think about that next time you’re eating a chicken burger.
I guess everyone has different opinions about what is right to eat and what is not.
All I am asking is that the meat I am eating comes from healthy farms where the animals are fed with nutritional food (grass fed), not been treated with antibiotics, have a good space and have been “put to sleep” in a humane matter.
Not so easy to come across these days but that makes the choice of meat so much more hard to choose from.
So if I get a hold of any type of meat that can meet my criterias, then I will eat it.

Cow, chicken, turkey or even horse.

What about you? could you eat a horse?

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