Home remedies

Home remedies

I am thinking about food. Well not food. But more like ingredients.
There are so many ingredients that we use for food that could be used for so many purposes.
Sugar for example can be used as an exfoliator or face scrub. Avocado can be used as a facial mask. Fruit and vegetables in particular are good ingredients that can have multi purposes.

I have read somewhere that if you combine mustard seed powder with olive oil and apply it to your scalp it will stimulate your hair growth and make it grow faster without damaging your scalp or the roots. Many swear by this home remedy. If only I could find that mustard seed powder.
Baking soda for whitening teeth or the classic cucumber for those dark circles and bags under the eyes.

I love home remedies and want to try most of them to see if they really work. That would be perfect to not have to go to the store to buy the chemical product.

Crushed walnuts are supposed to be the best body scrub.
Well, the list is long.
Do you have any favorite home remedies?

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