Holy Cow! – The best burger in Gothenburg

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Holy Cow! – The best burger in Gothenburg

“HOLY COW, a cosy yet lively restaurant with the best burgers in town. Friendly staff will greet you with a smile and make you feel welcome and see that you won’t stay hungry for long”

That is what is promised on the website of Holy Cow. Little did I know that this evening would treat us with one of the best food experiences of all times.

Me and my boyfriend always have the same problem, the same annoying question every time we are going somewhere else to eat instead of cooking at home. I don’t like to eat at McDonalds and he does not like restaurants at all. He says he never gets what he wants and money for nothing. But today was different because today he had a craving for burgers. So as that supportive girlfriend that I am (or just hungry too)  I started my search online for the best burger in Gothenburg. A few came up but none that is so close that we would consider walking there.

No, we are not particularly lazy, just convenient.

I didn’t search for more than a minute until I found a place with a cool name, walking distance AND they serve burgers!


Holy Cow! The sign said as we entered the door to what seemed like a cozy but yet popular diner/restaurant. Just a few minutes on foot from Universeum and Liseberg too.

The staff is super friendly and nothing feels complicated. As the name gives away the secret, the Holy Cow is all about the meat. 

On the menu is a Fat cow, a Cheesy cow and a drunken cow just to mention a few. It is a very playful menu. If you still wish to fill your belly some more after the main course there are some “sweet tangs” for dessert.

So excited about this find we ordered a fat cow and a drunken cow. The cow hide wall paper behind us really sat the tone for the evening and we drank our cider with huge anticipation for what was to come.

Usually burgers can be disappointing and not at all what you see on the menu. But when the waitress ( also super friendly) came in with the holiness we couldn’t believe it. We were like two tourists that just seen Bigfoot.

Photo session all clear, now its time for the taste.

I could tell by looking at these burgers that this was going to be good. A fluffy bun held a perfect pad of meat of perfection served with cheese and bacon fries.

My boyfriend had tears in his eyes jumping in his seat and I didn’t have time to laugh at him since my burger tasted to good to even bother laughing. It’s one of the best burger experiences, even food experiences, I have ever had. I think the same goes for my boyfriend as he ordered in a second burger, this time the Cheesy cow and started crying even harder this time.

We had so much fun that we completely forgot about time and space and just enjoyed ourselves. It has been so long since we found a place like the Holy Cow where we could just walk in, relax and rewind from a week of hard work. Without any hazzle.

To top of the evening I had vanilla milkshake infused with Nutella and I couldn’t be happier.

Food is really important to me. It unites people, it comforts people and it can be one of the highlights of your entire week.

Holy Cow is a place for just that and I am so grateful that we found this gem.

If you are in Gothenburg or in the neighborhood then it is worth everything to pay a visit with the super friendly staff at Holy Cow.

You will probably see me there often. I love Holy Cow! They have the best burger in Gothenburg!

You find their website here.


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