Happy Valentines day!

The Valentines day preparations

So tomorrow is the day of Love. I don’t really celebrate this day but I do like to bake something and have a day planned with my special someone. Even though many believe, including my boyfriend, that Valentines day is a made up day by retailers most girls like this day of Love. Whether we want to admit it or not.

But for us this year we are doing a Valentines day special for the kids. We are babysitters, remember. So me and my sort of sister in law have planned a heart themed dinner.

And we are going all in!

Heart shaped muffins with heart shaped sprinkles, heart decorations and heart shaped hamburgers with fries. Not to mention the heart shaped watermelon appetizers.

We got some heart shaped muffin forms from Dollar store which will be the main event of the evening. The kids will enjoy helping us out making them. The watermelon will be sliced and cut into small hearts and served like a watermelon salad. 

I am really looking forward to it. This will be a dinner to remember.


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