Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

As I am writing I am on my way to Canada. Two days ago I was planning to go to India. Having it all figured out with Visa extension for Thailand where me and my partner were currently staying and panning to apply for a visa to India.

But plans can change. In just two day it was decided that India has to wait and we bought us one ticket each out of Asia to Canada.

This year I have traveled through almost all countries in central and south east Asia. Including 11 countries. I have learned not to take anything for granted and most of all to have a “flexible” state of mind to the art of traveling.

When traveling you will face many new opportunities and many experiences and most of them require an open mind and sometimes even patience.

It is impossible for me to point out which experience was best or better than the others. They are all good experiences that I learned from and cherish.

I swam with wild turtles in Philippines, ate snake in Cambodia, ate Dahl with Budhist monks in Sri Lanka. To mention a few of the highlights.

I wish for my year of 2015 to be just a great and even better than 2014.

It can and it will. Because that is all up to me. Happy New Year!

What will your 2015 be like?

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