Got a Nexus 7 II and Toshiba Flashair memorycard

Work is easier

I have been “working the streets” today in Ho Chi Minh city doing some sightseeing. And also to look for something that could make me work more efficient.

Because I am known for not being so good with electronics. So I have been on the look out for a tablet that is easy to use but still has the capacity to make things work when I need it to work. For a reasonable price of course.

After a couple of hours and about a handfull of electronic stores later I am now a proud owner of a Nexus 7 model II 32gb WiFi 3G 4G LTE. It has a 5 mp back camera and 1.2 mp selfiecamera. And it has KitKat. I chose solid black just to stay cool.

And there lots of accecories available. But so little time to go girly shopping for that. Maybe I’ll do that when I get to Bangkok in a couple of months.

I also got a Toshiba Flashair memory card 16gb which is like magic for me. It magically transfers my photos from my Canon EOS 60D to my tablet or Iphone 4s.

So no more hazzle with memory cards and transfers of photos to computer or hard drive. So now I can Instagram and post away all I want!

Picture is from Nexus’s website.

nexus, tablet, nexus 7 II

Picture is from Nexus’s own website

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