Easy Blackberry salad

Easy Blackberry salad

Do you have some days where you just want to put together something that’s easy but you don’t really feel like fast food or can food. I like to put together a healthy salad on those days. Salads are easy and do not really require more than a handful of ingredients. And the best part is you can throw in whatever you like.  Even the most simple ingredients that have been waiting for you in the fridge for those emergency days.

I like to buy some berries or fruit and mix in just to make it feel like I made a huge effort. Even though I didn’t.

I love blackberry salad. Toss in the type of salad you like, tomatoes, carrots, cheese (preferably cottage cheese or fettuce cheese)

Throw in some chicken if you like but not necessary at all. Add blackberries and you will have that delicious picture perfect blackberry salad that is gorgeous even for those dinner parties without hardly any effort at all!

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