Cooking for kids

Cooking for kids

I love cooking and trying new recipes. And I am pretty confident in the kitchen. The audience has been pretty appreciating so far.
Now I have entered a completely different scene. I am in Canada for five to six months and me and my partners job is to watch my partners brothers kids while his brother is abroad for work and his brothers wife is at work in town.
They kids are seven and four years old. Two boys.
And cooking for kids is a completely different thing than cooking for yourself or your partner. Now there are so many more things to consider before taking the apron out.
Kids today do not necessarily eat what is put on the table. No. It is really a marketing plan behind any dish that you plan to make.
Kids in general are like that. They get ideas and the stick to them.
But for those making the food that creates a great challenge.
I can not just put together what I would like to eat. Although what I would like to make right now is a stuffed chicken breast with a nice salad and a cheesecake with pecan nuts to top it of.. But not even half of the household would eat it.
So I am sticking to simple food for kids and make it with a twist. Lasagna, fried chicken with rice, macaroni with minced meat. Pretty basic but that is what works.
But I really have to take a few steps back before I plan any meal. First of all I do not have unlimited time on my hands to make these advanced meals. We work during the day and then we pick the kids up from school and then they need a snack and then it is homework time. Then it is just an hour or so left for cooking and what other tasks are left. So simple but good is the basic rule we have set for ourselves.
And it is working so far but I think I need new ideas for good food for kids. Like I said, this is a new territory for me and I think that macaroni with minced meat will soon be of the top chart for the kids.
Do you have any tips on good food for kids?

Tomorrow I will share how to make an easy Bechamel sauce for Lasagna that kids love.

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