Coffee in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Vietnam is the worlds biggest exporter of coffee

I recalled from my last trip to Vietnam about 2 years ago that coffee is a huge part of the everyday life in Vietnam. And Ho Chi Mihn city is no exception.

Coffee stands and cafes dedicated to coffee in all shapes and sizes can be found around every corner. Everything from Starbucks to a local selling from their kitchen.

Local brands are very popular and has become one of the countries most exported product. Making Vietnam the biggest coffee exporter in the world.

I have only liked coffee for a couple of years or so. I always though it was one of those “adult things” to do.

But then I started to introduce myself to ice coffee and frappuccinos.

Here in Ho Chi Minh ice coffee is ” in” and you can get yours for as cheap as 15.000 Vietnamese Dong. Happy days for me!

Vietnamese coffee is quite strong and has a distinct taste of dark chocolate. Many cakes mix it with condensed milk to make it more sweet. Cane sugar or refined sugar are rarely used.

I am heading out for a walk today so I think I will manage one or two ice coffees.

coffee. ice coffee, Ho Chi Minh city

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