Coconut oil as a tooth paste

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Coconut oil as a tooth paste

The beauty world is going all crazy about this “new stuff” called coconut oil. It isn’t actually new, it has been around for ages, but the popular trend of natural well being has taken natural oils to another level.

Coconut oil being one of the glorious leaders.
I am too one of those who swears by the product. After spending a lot of time in Asia where coconuts are widespread, I have seen first hand how it benefits in many areas.
We use it in cooking and desserts mainly but it an be used for so much more.
Hair mask, facial oil, body oil, body butter, lip balm. Its possibilities of Coconut oil are endless. Lately I have read a lot about people using it Coconut oil as a tooth paste.

I have heard about oil pulling before but not as a tooth paste. So this was worth looking into. If I can replace any manufactured brand, like Colgate, to a natural one that works just as good. Then we might have hit the jackpot.

So, as it turns out, many people actually swears by the coconut toothpaste. And it is simple. Mix Baking soda with coconut oil to make a paste and use it as a regular tooth paste. It is said to give you one of those post dental feelings on your teeth. The Baking soda polish your teeth as the coconut oil extracts toxins and lubricates the gums. It is said to improve breath, improve your gum health and your skin and body from within.

I am so curious about this but I don’t have any pure coconut oil left at home. I have to get some very soon and give it a try.

Have you tried to use coconut oil as a tooth paste or oil pulling?
What’s your favorite use for coconut oil?


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