Chocolate can make you gorgeous and smart?!

Chocolate can make you gorgeous and smart?!

Today is my birthday! Hurray for me!
I have read many posts on facebook lately about studies on chocolate. Apparently scientists and research centres has concluded that chocolate has some pretty awesome benefits. Benefits that were previously regarded as false facts and stories only.

But as it turns out chocolate does not just make you happy. It makes your creativity flow and you will also get better metabolism eating around 30-60 grams a day, five days a week. And chocolate makes you smarter.
Many posts has favored the all beloved Swedish chocolate cakeKladdkakan“. Which happens to be one of my favorites also.

I am still in Nepal and here it is impossible to get a hold of such delicious Swedish chocolate cake. So I am feeling a bit homesick today. Missing family and Swedish food.
But hey, if chocolate is that good for me I can still run down to the market and by some organic dark chocolate or a chocolate cake substitute for the “kladdkaka“.
And apparently it is not as bad for the skin as once said. So only positive things today.
Hurray for me on my birthday and hurray for chocolate!

Kladdkaka, Picture from Pinterest

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  1. Sara says:

    Chocklad is so good so i want to eat mote than 30-60 gram per day. Nice pictures. Kladdkaka is my favrit cake too.

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