Chili – the spicy health benefit

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Chilli – the spicy health benefit

Chili is one of the vegetables I love the most. Not particularly because of the heat and tears it brings me but because it’s so versatile.

Chili was first introduced to Europe in the 15th century from central and South America and is now one of the most popular spices. Not only is it used for food but it is also used in external pain relief treatments.

This is because Chili add heat to your skin which is relaxing for sore muscles.

Chili is also shown to level the amount of insulin and can lower the risks for Diabetes type 2. Many also believes that a high consumtion of chilli is the cause of ulcers. But it actually kills the bacteria that causes ulcers.

The heat in chili peppers, called Capsaicin, stimulates secretion which helps you keep your nose, throat and lungs healthy.

The red colour is not only pretty, it signals its hugh levels of Beta carotene and Pro vitamin A. Two teaspoons of red chili peppers is approximately 6% of your daily dose of Vitamin C. Hardly an effort to manage if you use one teaspoon for your lunch and one for dinner.

So next time your feeling a bit sick, grab a bag of red chili. They might help you more than your local pharmacy.




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