Cherries and Bigarreaus – Nutrition facts and health benefits

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Cherries and Bigarreaus – Nutrition facts and health benefits

It is cherry, or Biggareau season and I am overwhelmed with excitement since I can now indulge in these tasty looking berries.
The cherries can be quite expensive here in Sweden due to the process of picking them being so time consuming. But it is worth treating yourself once in a while, right?

It crossed my mind that cherries, like any fruit, must have a number of health benefits. Its deep red colour reveal some sort of super nutrient that lures inside its flesh. Most bright fruits have high levels of vitamins.
There are far more less information about the health benefits of cherries than with for example coconut and broccoli. Probably because it is more uncommon to use as a part of a daily diet.
But I found a feww interesting things worth keeping in mind next time we hit the fruit market.

A research has been conducted in Michigan where researchers found that tart cherries contain compounds of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They found that cherry pickers, who eat far more cherries than the average consumer, has lower incidents of cancer and heart diseases.

The antioxidant levels are high with Vitamin A and Vitamin C as the main source of Antioxidants. A study of several fruits measuring the antioxidant level put cherries at rank number seven. Tart cherries has anthocyanins as main antioxidants and it is also where they get their red colour from.

Sour cherries are a true standout when it comes to Vitamin A. They have more than ten times higher level of Vitamin A than sweet cherries.
The colour of the cherry reveals how high levels of vitamins. The deeper red, the more nutrients.

A study of several fruits measuring the antioxidant level put cherries at rank number seven. That is some kick as antioxidant berry.

Laboratory tests suggest some cherries may reduce  the buildup of  cholesterol, a contributor to heart disease, stroke and atherosclerosis. Sweet cherries were tested as having the third highest effect, of those species and varieties of cherries tested.

Cherries are also a great benefitior to reduce the risk of cancer risks. Other fruits that has that property is grape and plum

So to sum it up. The cherries benefits are:

  • Anti-inflammatory agents
  • lowering the risk of cancer
  • high in Antioxidants
  • lowering the risk of heart diseases
  • high in Vitamin A levels
  • high in Vitamin C levels

I am glad I bought a big bucket of deep red cherries to snack on after work today. Yeay!


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